22 MAY 2019 - 2 AUGUST 2019


Andreas Waldmeier – IN-BETWEEN


With Andreas Waldmeier’s exhibition, Kromya Art Gallery opens its section dedicated to young and emerging artists and named .young

Waldmeier (Richterswil, 1982), trained at the University of the Arts in Zurich, brings a site-specific project designed specifically for Kromya Art Gallery to Lugano with a group of new works. For Waldmeier, the relationship of his works to their environment is fundamental. The projects are first sketched virtually and then executed on canvas, deciding step by step on limitations of form, color, and order. By creating a predefined path for this exhibition, he confirms the importance he attaches to his pictorial power to interact with the gallery walls themselves and to attract visitors. The latter is transported on a journey that ranges from large canvases to painted walls, from abstract sculptures to small, divided paintings that produce a reality of their own. The project becomes a total expression of his painting, which qualifies itself with the participation of the viewer; Waldmeier considers space an integral part of his vision, raising or cancelling the wall through signs and painting. The visitor physically enters an overall pictorial universe. Waldmeier describes his painting as linguistic, i.e. as an expressive medium. For him it is a kind of study of possibilities and their limits. Often the division between two panels leads to a dialogue between opposing elements that are united by a fast and decisive pictorial gesture. This translates into complex configurations of images, shapes, figures, fragments of a story or a pictorial tradition that provide only an idea of the complex world of the artist. Each work is to be considered as a singular event, to which the visitor’s vision tries to give meaning through a process of discovery; the eye wanders over the pictorial surface, thinking that it is able to identify and name something, but will not be able to find its meaning being within a total work of art. You show us enigmatic and impenetrable creations, a place, an in-between where you are suspended between the search for meaning and meaning itself. 

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